How To Improve Your Online Dating Profile?

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How To Improve Your Online Dating Profile?

Online dating is not easy. It heightens the constant fear of putting yourself out there on a digital website and not knowing how people look at it. There are over 50 million single people in the United States, and every day millions of people turn to online dating to find their perfect match.

If you are one of those millions looking for your perfect mate online, then you need to make sure the person looking at your profile swipes right. There are many things you can improve to increase your chances of getting noticed and well, find your digital soul mate. Here we go!


Research shows that more than 64% of users on online dating websites believe that common interest is important when it comes to finding the perfect partner. This means that you have to list interests and hobbies that are fairly common among the masses. However, that doesn’t mean you start putting in vague terms like music, sports, or watching movies. Try being more specific, like taking yoga classes, knowing how to surf, or something that makes the reader want to know more about you.


We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to put the perfect photo of yourself on an online dating website. This does not mean putting your sexiest photo ever. The photo you post is the first thing that attracts someone to your profile — it also says a lot about your personality. So, choose wisely and don’t go overboard with the style and makeup.

Pick a photo that displays the real you. For instance, if you love gardening, put a picture of yourself in a nursery. The same can be done for many activities, like reading, surfing, skiing, and more.


Keep the language of your profile fairly simple. It should be easy to read and understand. Research shows that using simple words makes it easier for people to read, pronounce, and remember things about your profile. That makes it more likely that they’ll be interested in you. Don’t showcase your broad vocabulary; it will only scare off a potential mate.

Also, don’t be in a hurry to set up your dating profile. If you quickly set up your profile, chances are you made a few spelling and grammatical errors. Once you are done with setting up your profile, read it from a viewer’s perspective and see if it’s optimized.


Online dating can be a lot of fun if done right. You can always ask interesting questions and ask the reader to contact you. For example, include something like “diehard Game of Thrones fanatic, ask me anything” in your profile. Doing this will make it easier for the other person to contact you immediately.

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We hope you too find what you’re looking for.

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