Blogs » Recent Blogs blogs© Copyright Broosis Dating 2019<![CDATA[LGBTQ Tips and Advice For Men and Women]]>So, let’s answer the age-old question — is same-sex dating as heterosexual dating? Well, yes and no.

Anyone who wants a committed, long-term relationship goes through the same challenge. However, as an LGBT individual, you have different concerns an...]]> 25 '20<![CDATA[How To Improve Your Online Dating Profile?]]>Online dating is not easy. It heightens the constant fear of putting yourself out there on a digital website and not knowing how people look at it. There are over 50 million single people in the United States, and every day millions of people turn to online dating to find the...]]> 18 '20<![CDATA[Top Dating Profile Mistakes And How To Fix Them]]>We’ve looked at countless online dating profiles, and none of them were good enough to make someone stay and wish, “I want to know more about this person.” Our experts at Broosis took copious notes and came up with some common mistakes people make while creating their online ...]]> 11 '20<![CDATA[How to Get What You Want Out of Your Relationship]]>For happiness, we want our physical and emotional needs to be fulfilled. Getting touched, sex, and feeling emotionally connected have a huge effect on our physical health, life expectancy, and our overall happiness.

It acts like a second immune syst...]]> 4 '20<![CDATA[What Men's Outlook on Intimacy?]]>What Men's Outlook on Intimacy?

What is intimacy? From a general perspective, intimacy is all about emotional closeness. It takes place when two peopl...]]> 21 '20<![CDATA[WHAT DO WOMEN LOOK FOR IN A RELATIONSHIP?]]>We can all agree to the fact that women are, in fact, complicated creatures, and it’s not always easy to parse out what they are thinking. Especially when it comes to your relationship, but unfortunately, men and women ...]]> 23 '20<![CDATA[10 BEST ROMANTIC IDEAS TO SWEEP HER OFF HER FEET]]>Ah! So did you finally get a girl, but you KNOW that she is an absolute knockout, and obviously out of your league? And of course, you are scared that you might not be able to retain her love, or worse, be the ex...]]> 17 '20<![CDATA[Insecurities That Can Sabotage Your Dating Life And How To Prevent Them]]>Insecurities can keep you consumed in worrisome questions: Whether your partner loves you? Whether they are cheating or betraying you in some other way. Insecurities in a relationship can sabotage potential happiness and be very destructive. They can cause some of the ...]]> 13 '19<![CDATA[4 Mistakes Singles Should Avoid In Relationships]]>A relationship will never be perfect, irrespective of the effort put on. Both you and your partner possess bad habits. But many couples break up because they cannot admit their mistakes and they keep fighting until one of the partners wins the game. If you are striving ...]]> 30 '19<![CDATA[Four Advice and tips on dating and love after a relationship breakdown]]> 31 '19<![CDATA[How To Boost Your Self-Esteem During The First Month Of Dating?]]>''In youth, it was a way I had,

To do my best to please.

And change, with every passin...]]> 18 '19<![CDATA[Reasons Why Self-Love Is Important When Dating]]>''Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another person until you know how to love yourself.'' Wisely said indeed, by a romantic who wasn’t a cliched hopeless one like the famous characters in well-known love stories with a tragic clim...]]> 24 '19<![CDATA[5 First Date Tips for Men and Women]]>The thought of a first date is always overwhelming.

You want your first date to be perfect to make sure that it won’t be your last! The stakes are even higher when you’ve met your partne...]]> 8 '19<![CDATA[How to Prevent Your Valentine’s Date From Being a Complete Disaster?]]>If you have a date scheduled for Valentine’s Day but you’re having second thoughts about whether it’ll be safe or not, then you’ve come to the right place.

Following are some safe dating tips f...]]> 5 '19<![CDATA[Online Dating: Tips to Make Your Match Fall in Love with You]]>Have you started feeling the love and romance in the air? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and perhaps you can already hear the symphony of love ringing in your ears. While men and women who have already been shot by the cupid can’t wait t...]]> 22 '19