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So, let’s answer the age-old question — is same-sex dating as heterosexual dating? Well, yes and no.

Anyone who wants a committed, long-term relationship goes through the same challenge. However, as an LGBT individual, you have different concerns and needs. You might be facing discrimination at school, work, or home. The traumatic severity of such experiences varies, but can definitely impact the self-esteem and self-worth. In turn, these experiences can affect your dating life and relationships you hold dear.

The Challenges

In many ways, the LGBT community faces the same challenges as their heterosexual counterparts. It takes time and effort to find your perfect mate, building a long-lasting relationship, strong bond, and improve the relationship over time. But that still can’t stop you from getting a lifetime of happiness. Our experts at have some tips that can help our friends in the LGBT community enjoy a healthy and happy dating life.

Tip #1

If you’ve been out there in the dating game for far too long and lady luck has blessed you yet, you might want to consult or talk to other people from the community and learn from their experiences. Remember, the first date carries too much anxiety, so it’s always better to prepare and do your homework.

Tip #2

Dating someone who is in a similar coming out stage. The future success of your relationship very much depends on you being on the same level as your partner emotionally. If you are not as experienced or confident as your partner, one of you might start feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, the more closeted member of the pair can feel pressured to come out before he/she is emotionally ready. This can lead to anxiety and resentment too.

Tip #3

Be clear about your monogamy versus nonmonogamy values and practice direct communication with them. Try to clarify your implicit expectations and make them explicit. Don’t assume that your idea of cheating is the same as that of your partner.

Bottom Line

In our efforts to bring value into your life, we also want to wish you the best of luck, and may you find your perfect mate with a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. We encourage you to keep loving and keep sharing that love. There is a saying that “You Get What You Put Out Into The World.”

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Online dating is not easy. It heightens the constant fear of putting yourself out there on a digital website and not knowing how people look at it. There are over 50 million single people in the United States, and every day millions of people turn to online dating to find their perfect match.

If you are one of those millions looking for your perfect mate online, then you need to make sure the person looking at your profile swipes right. There are many things you can improve to increase your chances of getting noticed and well, find your digital soul mate. Here we go!


Research shows that more than 64% of users on online dating websites believe that common interest is important when it comes to finding the perfect partner. This means that you have to list interests and hobbies that are fairly common among the masses. However, that doesn’t mean you start putting in vague terms like music, sports, or watching movies. Try being more specific, like taking yoga classes, knowing how to surf, or something that makes the reader want to know more about you.


We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to put the perfect photo of yourself on an online dating website. This does not mean putting your sexiest photo ever. The photo you post is the first thing that attracts someone to your profile — it also says a lot about your personality. So, choose wisely and don’t go overboard with the style and makeup.

Pick a photo that displays the real you. For instance, if you love gardening, put a picture of yourself in a nursery. The same can be done for many activities, like reading, surfing, skiing, and more.


Keep the language of your profile fairly simple. It should be easy to read and understand. Research shows that using simple words makes it easier for people to read, pronounce, and remember things about your profile. That makes it more likely that they’ll be interested in you. Don’t showcase your broad vocabulary; it will only scare off a potential mate.

Also, don’t be in a hurry to set up your dating profile. If you quickly set up your profile, chances are you made a few spelling and grammatical errors. Once you are done with setting up your profile, read it from a viewer’s perspective and see if it’s optimized.


Online dating can be a lot of fun if done right. You can always ask interesting questions and ask the reader to contact you. For example, include something like “diehard Game of Thrones fanatic, ask me anything” in your profile. Doing this will make it easier for the other person to contact you immediately.

If you are looking for the perfect partner or friend to talk to, visit and be a part of our community where thousands of men and women find their perfect mate.

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We’ve looked at countless online dating profiles, and none of them were good enough to make someone stay and wish, “I want to know more about this person.” Our experts at Broosis took copious notes and came up with some common mistakes people make while creating their online dating profiles. These are mistakes that you should never — and we mean NEVER — repeat on your dating profile.

Too Many Group Photos

Don’t make it difficult for your potential mate to get an understanding of what you look like. If you only prefer to post group photos, you might be perceived as too shy or not confident enough to post a selfie. Before someone develops a liking towards you, it is important to see how you look. Keep it simple. Posting solo pictures works best.

Couple Photos

Regardless of who is the other person in the picture, your parents, sibling, a nephew, or a friend, STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! It doesn’t matter what you’re relationship with that person might be. The viewer doesn’t know that, and the guessing game will not go in your favor. If you don’t have decent, quality pictures, schedule a photoshoot, and capture the best angles.

Sharing a Profile with an Ex

Think for a second: why did you make a dating profile? To meet new people or stay hooked in the past? Keep in mind, the goal of having an online dating profile is to get a date with the help of posting some good pictures and a short description of yourself. Capitalize on the opportunity that the digital lords have put forward for you and don’t post any pictures that include your ex.

Not Filling Out Your Dating Profile Properly

You can’t get the right results unless you put the right amount of effort. Your future date will be interested in getting to know you. Starting the relationship by withholding information in your profile sends a negative message. If you are using a dating app, take your time and fill it with complete information. Remember, what you put into your dating profile is what you get out of it. Add better pictures and better bios, and you will get more right swipes than ever.

Hiding your face

You are beautiful! Don’t shy away from showing how you look. We want to see what you look like. Take off your sunglasses, take off your hat, and please step out of the shadow. Clear pictures of your face will leave a better impression.

Bottom Line

All in all, you need to be careful in terms of what you post on your online dating profile. A small mistake and you can lose your perfect mate to someone else. We want you to experience the perks of being in a beautiful relationship with your ideal mate and be happier than ever.

If you are looking for the perfect partner or friend to talk to, visit and be a part of our community where thousands of men and women find their perfect mate.

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For happiness, we want our physical and emotional needs to be fulfilled. Getting touched, sex, and feeling emotionally connected have a huge effect on our physical health, life expectancy, and our overall happiness.

It acts like a second immune system by lowering stress levels. We become angry, resentful, and detached as a result of not having shared our needs, and not having them addressed. We might have a hard time realizing our needs, and when we do so, we might face difficulty in expressing them. Which makes us wonder why needs are so hard to express?

The answer is shame. We have an innate fear of rejection, which we try to avoid, and we act out of this fear by being shameful. As we grow up, we are often shamed by our elders for expressing our needs. This shapes us in an unhealthy way.

This taught us that our needs are not significant, and they are rather a burden. Also, other people’s needs trump our own.

If we cannot realize and convey our own needs, we are unlikely to get what we want. Suppressing our needs and or not having them met, results in resentment, which has the power to kill a relationship.

We can instead teach our children to notice and express their own needs, but also that they cannot always have what they want. This would show that they and their needs have value.

Exploring your needs is the first step towards clarity. If you feel frustrated, that is usually because of unmet needs. Hence, frustration acts like a sign for unmet needs, and there are some other emotions as well that act the same way. So, focus on how you feel and your bodily sensations.

Follow the signals and note your needs. Express them to your partner for a better understanding and communication. Expect and encourage your partner to do the same, hence creating an air of positive give and take. Do not be disheartened if your needs are not met even after you shared them with your loved one. Sometimes this disappointment creates more closeness when you sit and listen to each other, showing empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.” 

Gloria Steinem

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What Men's Outlook on Intimacy?

What is intimacy? From a general perspective, intimacy is all about emotional closeness. It takes place when two people are emotionally open with each other and don’t shy away from expressing their feelings, fears, thoughts and desires. It’s also about letting your guard down for your partner and genuinely building the relationship on the foundation of trust.

Difficulties for Men

When it comes to intimacy, men tend to struggle a lot. Most men abandon relationships because they fear that they will lose their independence. They fail to comprehend the idea that true emotional closeness is about being connected with your partner while balancing the sense of yourself.

Men often confuse intimacy with sex. These are not the same thing. Without intimacy, sex is just a physical activity and can be very unrewarding. With it, sex can be deeply passionate and fulfilling. What most men don’t know is that intimacy is an experience that can also be felt without having sex.

Men and Intimacy 

1.       Men Communicate Facts Rather than Emotions

Studies show that an average male uses about 12,000 words a day, and most of those are spent at work while at their jobs, and their focus is mainly on facts. Here are a few ways men gobble up their brain’s average word count:      

* Giving in-put to co-workers.

* Making business calls.

* Talking to the boss

·       *  Debating on the current challenges of the world at lunch

Men’s perspective in any conversation is about coming up with facts and being dominant. Women look for meaningful communication and memorable conversations, especially when they are in the company of their partner.

2.       A Man’s Identity is Achievement-Oriented

Most men define themselves through their ability to achieve results through success and accomplishment. In general, men are more interested in finishing the race first, achieving their goals and proving their competence. Men will not ask for help unless their back is against the wall and have no other options left.

The reason why women are more intimate than men is that their sense of self is defined through their feelings and the quality of their relationships. Women never shy away from nurturing, supporting and helping their mate.

3.       Men Are Solution-Focused

Men have a more difficult time relating to their own feeling, and some even feel threatened by the expression of feelings in their presence. This leads to two outcomes – they either bail out of the conversation or attempt to solve them quickly. What they fail to comprehend is that sometimes women don’t look for an answer. Your presence is the only thing that matters to them and often want someone who can sincerely listen to them.

Why Do Men Struggle with Intimacy?

There is no question here that men do tend to struggle with intimacy. According to Terry Real, a notable and very sought-after family therapist, the issue boils down to the disconnect that exists between what society teaches them to value and what it expects them to be. The true essence of traditional masculinity lies in the idea of invulnerability. Most women want their men to be more emotionally intimate than we traditionally raised them to be.

Bottom Line

Throughout history, men have struggled with the idea of intimacy. It’s not an implication that all men are bad at being intimate, but the majority of them fail to do so. Finding a partner who cares about how you feel and what you want is a blessing, and therefore, you should never stop looking.

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We can all agree to the fact that women are, in fact, complicated creatures, and it’s not always easy to parse out what they are thinking. Especially when it comes to your relationship, but unfortunately, men and women are at an emotional stalemate when it comes to figuring what do they want in a relationship.

Yes, you could always ask your girl what she wants or needs (YOU SHOULD), but let’s face it; that is easier said than done. And the idea that you know more about her without her having to tell you or saying anything is a hundred times better for you and your relationship. So, to eliminate those curious looks at what your girlfriend is asking of you, the three basic keys are honesty, attention, and effort.

Take a deep breath and let that sink in; now let’s take a look at the few things that will make your girl open up her petals to you;


It’s plain human nature to feel loved, especially via that ‘one person.’ And your actions emblems how much love you are willing to show them, the more open you are, the more they will let you in. And the more closed you are, the more they will push you away (we don’t want that, obviously). Not feeling enough love will be the subtext of every argument you two have. Start with baby steps, and learn to see through her actions, words, and moods and see what the real root of it is. When they feel loved, the arguments dissipate, and they will love you twice as much as you do.


Women have the urge to feel seen and heard, BY YOU. Women are creatures of emotions, and they need their emotional state to be validated. So when they are in a relationship, the responsibility is up to you. They need to be with someone who can see through them, and even if not react, then give her comfort and be her haven. So make sure that you pay attention to her because with enough transgressions sprinkled throughout your relationship, she will stop trusting you. Rebellious by nature, if they see you cannot comply with these needs, they start to back off.


Okay, here is the thing. If women are complicated, men are weird. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you stop making efforts, and the biggest mistake you can do is be unavailable. When women are in a relationship, no one else and nothing else matters to them except you. And regardless of what they are going through, they are impelled to NEED YOU, it’s just how they function. When you are not there, things will go back to square one. For women, having someone who is half there is worse than not having someone at all. And if they start to feel lonely within the relationship, it’s close to over…


Just like men have the desire to be the protector, women are compulsively drawn to “feeling safe.” For women, there is a constant war being waged on their sexuality, self-esteem, and safety from a very young age. So regardless of what she throws at you, she wants to know that you can handle her, especially when she is not at her best. Women hate the feeling of being judged when they ask for something risqué. And they need to be sure that you won’t collapse in defeat when she is not feeling herself.  Women crave to have at least one person they can entirely depend on, with or without saying. And that person is you.


Relationships are not always about responsibilities, and for the most part, women are looking for someone they can act goofy and immature WITH. Having a person who can actively participate in all kinds of conversations, from intelligent to senseless, is the ideal partner. Charming, endearing, and comfortable. That is who you have to be!

And of course, they expect you to be romantic. Hold her hand. Play with her hair. Give her your hoodie. Eskimo kiss. Peck her cheek. Take her out for a drive. Give her flowers. There are a gazillion ways to make her feel like she is something special. And that is enough to give her the security that you will forever be hers. 

Women are not as complicated as we are lead to believe. They are innocent and are not looking for perfect partners. All they need is someone who is taking out his time, giving her the right amount of attention and care, and striving hard to BE PERFECT FOR HER.

Dedicated to your success!

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Ah! So did you finally get a girl, but you KNOW that she is an absolute knockout, and obviously out of your league? And of course, you are scared that you might not be able to retain her love, or worse, be the ex. Well, girls might be complicated and annoying, but they are also suckers for romance.

So if you want to be the “ultimate romantic boyfriend” and make her melt like butter in your hands, the right way is to treat her with love, give her attention and give her heart tiny somersaults.

Here is a list of gifts that you can give your girl, goosebumps, and love aches in all the right places. These tiny gestures go a long way!

1. Chocolates

Chocolates are literally the MVP's in any relationship. Whether you feel like your girl has been feeling low or you haven’t been around lately, show up with some chocolates, and she’s yours again!

2. A Cool Tech Gadget

Whether your girl is a tech-savvy person or not, dazzling her with a cool gadget is literally the best idea. It’s the digital age, and the whole point of these gadgets is making life easier. So, giving her a cool gizmo is a way of telling her you care for her!

3. Teddy Bear

Obviously, as a man, you won’t get what a teddy bear means to a girl. Also, the larger and fluffier, the better. Teddy bears are the warmest ways of showing you love her.

4. Hoodie

Buying her a hoodie is like giving her a “YOU HUG” even when you are not there. And if you give her yours, ah well, be prepared for her to fall head over heels in love with you!

5. Watch

Watches are the perfect gifts of all times. Just grab her by the hand someday and go with her to buy a watch, trust us, she will adore the whole of you even more!

6. Flowers

Okay, there is literally no match for flowers, regardless of the occasion. The best idea is to send your love a bouquet of flowers, with a cheesy note. (BEST IDEA EVER!)

7. A Spa Voucher

Treat her well! Give her the care she has been asking for so long. A day at a spa, especially when it is given by YOU, is all she needs!

8. His And Her Accessories

If she wants you to be around her all the time, give her something that will remind her of you, a.k.a his and her customized stuff. Now she has one more reason to show off how cool of a boyfriend you are!

9. Cook Her A Meal And Watch A Movie Together

There is not a single gesture better than cooking to show her you love her! When you cook something for her, it’ll make her feel like a princess. Once you’re done, watch a movie and cuddle!

10. Plan A Romantic Getaway

Plan the best date, (or vacation) for her and you, and surprise her! Not only will that make her happy, but it will also give something to dream over and cherish forever. And what else do you need than a smile on her face!

This is just a small list of things you can do for your partner. Close your eyes and give it a thought, you’ll know what to do and trust us, as long as you tell her you’re pampering her for no reason at all, her heart, and herself ARE YOURS.

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Good luck!

Insecurities can keep you consumed in worrisome questions: Whether your partner loves you? Whether they are cheating or betraying you in some other way. Insecurities in a relationship can sabotage potential happiness and be very destructive. They can cause some of the biggest relationship mistakes.

When one partner persistently feels insecure, both the partners suffer as a consequence. And sadly, it can lead to a vicious cycle of suspicions, complaints and reassurances that will drain all the positive energy and lead to a toxic and unbalanced relationship.

Here are ways you can prevent insecurities:

It is not all about you

Having an egocentric worldview can easily be the reason behind your missing the actual point. For example, if your partner is not in the mood to go out, don’t be quick to judge that it is because of you. It could simply be because of a bad day at work; the possibilities are endless.

Stop psycho-analysing every word and action of your partner, and try to be more present in the moment so that you can perceive the actual conveyed message. Obsessing over reading in between the lines will lead you astray.

Don’t rebuke your partner for being too quiet. A profuse hankering to fill every second of silence with words with needless words is a habit of an insecure person. You should rather enjoy the silence together and manifest true inner peace this way.

Stop psyching yourself out

Your thoughts can either be creative or destructive for your relationship. The nature of your thoughts has a direct impact on the nature of your relationship.

There are a variety of negative thoughts that can cross an insecure mind; questioning self-worth and deeming oneself not worthy of any love. These thoughts have little to do with reality and a lot to do with fear. In other words, you invent the problem at hand, and it does not exist in reality. So, you should always tell yourself that you are in full control, and the issues are only a fragment of your imagination.

A relationship will never be perfect, irrespective of the effort put on. Both you and your partner possess bad habits. But many couples break up because they cannot admit their mistakes and they keep fighting until one of the partners wins the game. If you are striving to save your relationship, or just to make it better, here are mistakes you can avoid in relationships.

Stop Doubting

Communication is healthy, but obsessive communication can have nasty consequences. A good relationship stands on trust. If you trust your loved one, you will know that you will not be betrayed. Therefore, you should not call every time you have a free minute or just do not know what to do. Suspecting and spying on your partner is counterproductive to a happy relationship.

Never Compare

You should never compare your partner to anyone else, especially your ex. Learn to love your darling for who he or she is, and accept all the attributes. Of course, unintentional comparisons are inevitable at times, but all you need to do is focus on the good things only.

Be Original

To maintain a sustainable relationship, you do not have to lose yourself. Sacrifices and compromises should always be closely watched, and they should never be at the expense of losing yourself. Regardless of how much you love your partner, you should have your interests and social life.

Get Rid Of Anger

A happy relationship requires a certain amount of give and take. Which is not easy, considering the amount of time and effort both parties will have to put in. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but not discussing and not being forgiving is a big problem. It’s not healthy to contain all the anger. If you cannot change the situation, then try to change your attitude to it.

Four Advice and tips on dating and love after a relationship breakdown No matter how strong you are, jumping back into the dating pool after breaking up, is tough, especially if you came out of a long-term relationship. It takes time to start dating again and it is best to give yourself time! Want to start dating again? Here are some of the most effective tips and advice that can help you get your dating life back on track! Wait Until Ready It is not wise to put on your dating shoes immediately after a breakup. No matter how brutally your relationship ended, you will have a night when you will cry yourself to sleep, or get super-aggressive if you come across anything related to your past relationship. It is best to wait until you have fully processed your grieving. Take your time to heal. Do not Compare You need to understand that your ex is not a standard you want to set for your life partner. The only reason you are not together is that the person was not right for you. Do not compare every person with your ex as it is a very unhealthy habit that can destroy your love life! Reflect on your Last Relationship Use your past relationship as a lesson for your future dating decisions. List down all that you loved in your last relationship and what you did not like. These lists will help you define the perfect match for you and help you make the right decisions. Do Not Rush It As a retaliation after a breakup, many individuals rush into newer relationships. It will be no less than poison for you. It will build a feeling of hollowness in your heart, which will affect your mental health! Therefore, do not rush it. Being single is not a sim, give yourself time, and save yourself from another traumatic breakup! It is a tough time for you, do not let it get it to you and turn you into a cynical individual. Surround yourself with the people who love you and give yourself time to heal from a bad breakup. Register and join for free at
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