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The thought of a first date is always overwhelming.

You want your first date to be perfect to make sure that it won’t be your last! The stakes are even higher when you’ve met your partner on an online dating website. Dive in to learn some invaluable, timeless first date tips every man and woman should know.

1. Just Be Yourself

This is perhaps the best first-date tip anyone can ever give to you! It may sound vague and too mainstream but believe us when we say that this is the trick to make the right person fall in love with you.

The idea is to be friendly, warm, and considerate. Don’t say or do something that is too serious or too weird. Planning a decent date and acting like a decent person is the way to go. 

2. Don't Be Late

This might sound like common advice that fits every scenario but showing up on time on our first date is very important. You wouldn’t want your date to think that your meeting with them wasn’t important enough to plan your day accordingly, right? Even if you run into some unexpected situation and can’t help but arrive late, inform your date by calling them and apologizing for the wait. We’re sure they’ll understand if it’s an unforeseen circumstance but otherwise, just don’t be late!   

3. Let Your Dress Speak For You

Dressing well on your first date won’t only help you come off as a person who takes pride in their appearance but will also make your date realize that you’re a catch. Therefore, take a shower, brush your teeth, and dress your best. Make sure that you wear something you feel good and comfortable in – and don’t forget to wear good shoes!

4. Map Out Your Date In Advance

Planning a date, especially the first one is always daunting. If you can do it well, you’ll set yourself up for a memorable time with your potential life partner.

Ideally, your first date should include two things: a nice meal and a fun activity. Remember, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. In fact, smaller restaurants tend to be quieter, less crowded, and more intimate… fewer expenses will just be a bonus!

When you already have everything planned, there will be little to no awkward silences and no pressure on any of you to come up with a conversation topic. 

5. Offer Compliments

On your first date, there’s a high chance that your date would’ve put in their best efforts to look good for you – just like you would do for them. So, don’t hesitate to compliment them if you feel like doing so. Anything along the lines of ‘You look great!’, ‘you have a nice smile’ and ‘You make me feel comfortable’ will surely flatter them. But again, don’t take it too far. You wouldn’t want to tell a person on the very first date that you want to marry them.

While first dates can cause even the most confident person to break into nervous sweats, the aforementioned first date tips will help you make sure that you hit it off with your partner right away!

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