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We can all agree to the fact that women are, in fact, complicated creatures, and it’s not always easy to parse out what they are thinking. Especially when it comes to your relationship, but unfortunately, men and women are at an emotional stalemate when it comes to figuring what do they want in a relationship.

Yes, you could always ask your girl what she wants or needs (YOU SHOULD), but let’s face it; that is easier said than done. And the idea that you know more about her without her having to tell you or saying anything is a hundred times better for you and your relationship. So, to eliminate those curious looks at what your girlfriend is asking of you, the three basic keys are honesty, attention, and effort.

Take a deep breath and let that sink in; now let’s take a look at the few things that will make your girl open up her petals to you;


It’s plain human nature to feel loved, especially via that ‘one person.’ And your actions emblems how much love you are willing to show them, the more open you are, the more they will let you in. And the more closed you are, the more they will push you away (we don’t want that, obviously). Not feeling enough love will be the subtext of every argument you two have. Start with baby steps, and learn to see through her actions, words, and moods and see what the real root of it is. When they feel loved, the arguments dissipate, and they will love you twice as much as you do.


Women have the urge to feel seen and heard, BY YOU. Women are creatures of emotions, and they need their emotional state to be validated. So when they are in a relationship, the responsibility is up to you. They need to be with someone who can see through them, and even if not react, then give her comfort and be her haven. So make sure that you pay attention to her because with enough transgressions sprinkled throughout your relationship, she will stop trusting you. Rebellious by nature, if they see you cannot comply with these needs, they start to back off.


Okay, here is the thing. If women are complicated, men are weird. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you stop making efforts, and the biggest mistake you can do is be unavailable. When women are in a relationship, no one else and nothing else matters to them except you. And regardless of what they are going through, they are impelled to NEED YOU, it’s just how they function. When you are not there, things will go back to square one. For women, having someone who is half there is worse than not having someone at all. And if they start to feel lonely within the relationship, it’s close to over…


Just like men have the desire to be the protector, women are compulsively drawn to “feeling safe.” For women, there is a constant war being waged on their sexuality, self-esteem, and safety from a very young age. So regardless of what she throws at you, she wants to know that you can handle her, especially when she is not at her best. Women hate the feeling of being judged when they ask for something risqué. And they need to be sure that you won’t collapse in defeat when she is not feeling herself.  Women crave to have at least one person they can entirely depend on, with or without saying. And that person is you.


Relationships are not always about responsibilities, and for the most part, women are looking for someone they can act goofy and immature WITH. Having a person who can actively participate in all kinds of conversations, from intelligent to senseless, is the ideal partner. Charming, endearing, and comfortable. That is who you have to be!

And of course, they expect you to be romantic. Hold her hand. Play with her hair. Give her your hoodie. Eskimo kiss. Peck her cheek. Take her out for a drive. Give her flowers. There are a gazillion ways to make her feel like she is something special. And that is enough to give her the security that you will forever be hers. 

Women are not as complicated as we are lead to believe. They are innocent and are not looking for perfect partners. All they need is someone who is taking out his time, giving her the right amount of attention and care, and striving hard to BE PERFECT FOR HER.

Dedicated to your success!

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Ah! So did you finally get a girl, but you KNOW that she is an absolute knockout, and obviously out of your league? And of course, you are scared that you might not be able to retain her love, or worse, be the ex. Well, girls might be complicated and annoying, but they are also suckers for romance.

So if you want to be the “ultimate romantic boyfriend” and make her melt like butter in your hands, the right way is to treat her with love, give her attention and give her heart tiny somersaults.

Here is a list of gifts that you can give your girl, goosebumps, and love aches in all the right places. These tiny gestures go a long way!

1. Chocolates

Chocolates are literally the MVP's in any relationship. Whether you feel like your girl has been feeling low or you haven’t been around lately, show up with some chocolates, and she’s yours again!

2. A Cool Tech Gadget

Whether your girl is a tech-savvy person or not, dazzling her with a cool gadget is literally the best idea. It’s the digital age, and the whole point of these gadgets is making life easier. So, giving her a cool gizmo is a way of telling her you care for her!

3. Teddy Bear

Obviously, as a man, you won’t get what a teddy bear means to a girl. Also, the larger and fluffier, the better. Teddy bears are the warmest ways of showing you love her.

4. Hoodie

Buying her a hoodie is like giving her a “YOU HUG” even when you are not there. And if you give her yours, ah well, be prepared for her to fall head over heels in love with you!

5. Watch

Watches are the perfect gifts of all times. Just grab her by the hand someday and go with her to buy a watch, trust us, she will adore the whole of you even more!

6. Flowers

Okay, there is literally no match for flowers, regardless of the occasion. The best idea is to send your love a bouquet of flowers, with a cheesy note. (BEST IDEA EVER!)

7. A Spa Voucher

Treat her well! Give her the care she has been asking for so long. A day at a spa, especially when it is given by YOU, is all she needs!

8. His And Her Accessories

If she wants you to be around her all the time, give her something that will remind her of you, a.k.a his and her customized stuff. Now she has one more reason to show off how cool of a boyfriend you are!

9. Cook Her A Meal And Watch A Movie Together

There is not a single gesture better than cooking to show her you love her! When you cook something for her, it’ll make her feel like a princess. Once you’re done, watch a movie and cuddle!

10. Plan A Romantic Getaway

Plan the best date, (or vacation) for her and you, and surprise her! Not only will that make her happy, but it will also give something to dream over and cherish forever. And what else do you need than a smile on her face!

This is just a small list of things you can do for your partner. Close your eyes and give it a thought, you’ll know what to do and trust us, as long as you tell her you’re pampering her for no reason at all, her heart, and herself ARE YOURS.

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Good luck!

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