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The world of online dating is full of potential.

And you might not believe this but this fact precisely can intimidate a lot of people!

From the security of your information to every little detail regarding the use of our online dating platform, there may be so many questions popping up in your mind.

If you want to have a clear mind before jumping on to the bandwagon of online dating, read on to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about online dating at Broosis.

Is Browsing Members Free?

In a word, YES! You can create a personal profile and browse other members’ profiles free.

What Are Credits Used For?

The credits you get on Broosis Dating are used for in-app purchases that may include anything from our Virtual Gifts to securing a place on the Hot List for instant visibility.

Users accumulate Credit Rewards during:

  • Daily logins - 5 credits.
  • User joins - 10 credits.
  • Adding photos - 3 credits.
  • Facebook Like "Pop-Up" on our website - 10 credits.

Profile Disapproval

The use of inappropriate profile pictures, including that of celebrities, political figures, or pets may result in your profile disapproval.
We aim to maintain a high standard of professionalism on the Broosis Dating platform. Therefore, all users are requested to maintain this standard submitting appropriate profile photos and information by following these photo guidelines:

  • Do not include random pictures from the internet, including photos of celebrities.
  • Political figures and/other.
  • Do not include nudity.
  • Make sure that your photo is clear.
  • Be alone in the photo.
  • Photos and any other information, data or files provided by a Member or Subscriber to Broosis Dating must be decent and only relate to the Member.

Profile Pending Approval After Media Uploads or Editing of User Profile Information

We take some time to review your profile before approving it as a part of our content screening process to deliver an unbeatable online dating experience. Keep in mind that editing text fields will also result in your profile being sent for approval. You will not be able to use the site during the approval process.

Expanding the Search Parameters

Ideally, the more accurate and detailed information you provide, the higher your probability of finding compatible users in the search bar. Moreover, at Broosis, we have several dating groups based on factors, such as age, hobbies, and personality. Joining the groups of your choice will help you get better results in your search for the perfect partner.

Why Isn’t My Broosis Dating App Downloading?

If you are encountering any errors while trying to download the Broosis Dating App, we recommend that you update your iOS and Android device to the latest version and preferably use the latest version of Google Chrome browser for downloading the app.

ERROR 500 Internal Server Error

Switch to Desktop Mode on your mobile web browser to clear this error.

Broosis Dating App Facebook Login Errors

If you are facing an error while logging in to your Broosis dating app with Facebook, make sure you have your iOS and Android device updated to the latest version. We would also recommend that you preferably use the latest version of Google Chrome browser.

What is the Fellow User Red Flagging Function?

You can flag a fake or inappropriate fellow user by using our red flagging function. We are extremely serious about providing our users with the best online dating experience and therefore, we encourage you to use this function to bring to our attention any fake profile or highlight inappropriate content on both the online app and desktop website.

How to Respectfully Reject a User

If you’ve come across someone who’s not someone you would be interested in, you should be honest about it instead of dragging the matter just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. In fact, here you have the advantage of having to reject someone from behind the screen. Simply tell them that you’re not looking for a person like them at the moment.

How Do I Submit My Queries or Any Other Suggestions?

If you have any other questions or concerns related to our online dating website, please contact our customer support team by dropping an email to or We are also available on Facebook Messanger.

Let’s build and promote a safe dating environment together!

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